Company Settings

Team Owners can edit Widget settings, team members, and billing.

Company Settings are used to manage teams, customize the Callbird Widget, and manage subscriptions.



This settings page allows for customization and deployment of the Callbird Widget.


The Callbird Widget shows prerecorded or live video on your website to all visitors, and makes your team always available for an instant conversation.


Select your widget type

Choose whether the Widget displays on the bottom right or left side of your website.


Your Code

These two lines of code should be added anywhere to the head or body of your website’s code to deploy and activate Callbird.


Widget Text

This text will overlay on top of the Callbird Widget to invite your website visitors to engage with your Callbird users. The default is “Start a call with our team”.


Widget Border

The border of the widget can be customized in this setting.


Appearance Delay

Choose how many seconds after your webpage loads until the Callbird Widget appears.



Here the Team Owner, or creator of the Callbird team & company, can manage and add new users.

Invite new users by putting in their email and pressing “Send Invitation”.

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You must have the appropriate number of licenses to add team members as Subusers. If there are more users than licenses of the Standard or Plus plan, new users will be added as inactive and will not be able to answer calls from Widget.


Use this page to set up Slack for your company / team, so that everyone can receive Slack notifications for incoming calls.


Simply press the “Add to Slack” button, and follow the instructions to allow the Callbird Slack app to join your Slack Workspace.

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Make sure to be logged in to the right Slack App when accepting Callbird access.

The last step is to add a channel so the Callbird Bot can post notifications for your Callbird team. Create a new channel, and add the name to your Callbird Settings page.

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That’s it! Your company will now receive slack notifications in this channel for Callbird Widget calls. Be sure to go back to My Settings to also put a channel for your personal Callbird Page notifications to go.


See your current plan, upgrade to an elevated plan to suit your needs.


To start a paid subscription on Standard or Plus, or to add licenses to an existing plan, select the plan and choose the number of licenses or users to add.

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You will be taken to a secure checkout page, powered by Stripe to complete your transaction.


Last updated on August 6, 2021